Pravachan & Samasya Nivaran - Jagadguru Narendra Acharya from Nanij, Maharashtra

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that H. H. Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Shree Swami Narendracharyaji Maharaj, the esteemed Dharmaguru of the Hindus, is visiting North America starting from September 28- October 15, 2012. During his visit, H. H. Jagadguru will be giving discourses on Dharma, Culture, Spirituality and ways to lead peaceful, harmonious and stress-free lives, in different cities in Canada & USA, delivering discourses to bring about a spiritual awakening and solving people’s problems to relieve their sufferings.

With the blessings from H. H. Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Shree Swami Narendracharyaji Maharaj, we have a registered a non-profit religious and social organization, Jagadguru Narendracharyaji Maharaj Global Foundation, the state of New Jersey. We have arranged H. H. Jagdguru’s spiritual discourse program at 12 to 16 different locations in the US and Canada during in June 2011 and recently in April 13-30, 2012.

H. H. Jagadguru was born in the village of Nanij in Dist. Ratnagiri of Maharashtra, India and began his spiritual journey at an early age. While in his teens, he obtained initiation from Late Sadguru Kaadsiddheshwar Maharaj of Kanheri, Karnataka (India) and achieved self-realization shortly thereafter. For the last thirty years H. H. Jagadguru is tirelessly striving for the betterment of mankind.

The main content/ Topic of the discourses would be to explain the advantage and the real significance of meditation in today’s fast paced lifestyle. Through his Discourses he explains how meditation is an exercise to the mind and how can it be leveraged to achieve peace, accurate decision making ability, stability, containment and many other much desired virtues and attributes. He wants to expose people to some simple yet very powerful and many a times ignored techniques of meditation. He also provides a scientific perception towards some of the most misunderstood concepts enforced and practiced by the Hindu religion. When he does so he is addressing the mass as the Supreme authority of Hindu religion '"Dharmaguru" bestowed on him and so he is very commonly identified as “Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Sri Swami Narendracharyaji Maharaj” all across India.

He will be coming to Atlanta and his Pravachan is arranged in the hall of Global Mall on 6th Oct from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The entry is free and there is no charge, the most important aspect is that he solves problems and has done lot of miracles in India, and there is no charge, one can talk to him one on one after the lecture and find the solution for their problems. We call it Samsya Nivaran.

Place: Global Mall, 5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA 30071
Date & Time: Oct 06, 2012   06:00 AM
End Date & Time: Oct 06, 2012   09:00 AM
Contact: Shripad Jumde
Phone: 501-749-6560
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