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Indo-U.S. Ties Set For A Big Boost With Barack Obama's Visit To India Next Month

Indo-U.S. relations were back on track in 2014 after overcoming major hiccups and bilateral ties are set for a big boost with President Barack Obama slated to make a historic second visit to India next month. ....more »

New Year resolutions may be more procrastination than motivation

People seeking to get or stay fit in 2015 might do better to start today rather than rely on a New Year’s resolution to shape up tomorrow, fitness experts say. ....more »

Excessive Facebook use could lead to poor impulse control: Research

Excessive online social networking is not only addictive but can be associated with other disorders involving poor impulse control that can lead to substance abuse, a new research shows. ....more »

Talk therapy lowers suicide risk

Talk therapy is gaining in importance as an alternative to medication with regard to averting repeated suicide attempts, a study shows. ....more »

Weight-loss surgery reduces diabetes risk

Weight-loss surgery could reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by around 80 percent in obese people, says a study. ....more »

Indian men more interested in staying fit than romance

Be it aspiring actors, students or athletes or obese people, Snap Fitness health club, which is set to invest about Rs.350 crore in expansion plans, gets clients with different needs. ....more »

Didn’t get that joke? Your sense of humour changes with age

Things that you find funny today may not amuse you when you grow older, a study suggests, indicating that with age, our sense of humour also changes. ....more »

Making work interesting is the key to success

Anybody could set an ambitious goal or target for himself, but those who make interesting the activities they need to undertake to attain the goal have higher chances of success, a study suggests. ....more »

Smoking fathers put future babies at asthma risk

A baby has a greater risk of contracting asthma if his or her father smoked prior to conception, finds a new study. ....more »

Here’s how to prevent your wine from spoiling

Wine makers have reasons to cheer as researchers have discovered a system that prevents “stuck fermentation” – a chronic problem that spoils wine. ....more »

Drug for Ebola-like virus promising

An experimental drug saved monkeys from a virus closely related to Ebola even after symptoms began, Texas researchers reported Wednesday. A drug that targets Ebola in the same way is under development, and the study raises questions about how late after infection treatments might work. ....more »

Double your fruits, vegetables intake for super health: Report

Adults worldwide should at least double their current consumption of fruits and vegetables to meet the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) minimum recommendation of five servings (400 grams) per day, emphasises a study. ....more »

Chronic pain may make you lazy

Chronic pain may rewire the brain to reduce motivation, a new study in mice suggests. ....more »

Pace of walking and memory loss can predict dementia

The pace of walking and memory loss of an individual can now predict dementia accurately, according to a recent study. ....more »

Choose right fat to protect your heart

Not all fat is bad for your heart. Too much dietary fat is bad but the right kind of fat keeps the heart healthy, a promising study shows. ....more »

First dengue vaccine shows promise

A potential new dengue vaccine -the first to reach phase 3 clinical testing – has demonstrated that it provides 56 per cent protection against the disease in Asian children, according to a new research. ....more »

Stress may cause insomnia if not controlled

Stress can cause insomnia depending on how it is managed, according to a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher. ....more »

Weight loss improves sleep, mood

Obese adults who lose at least 5 per cent of their body weight sleep better and longer after six months of shedding flab, according to a new study. ....more »

Why women lie about makeup

Almost three quarters of men say they find women more attractive when they wear less makeup; however what they think is the natural look is more likely to take hours of effort and plenty of special makeup tricks, says a research. ....more »

Sitting for hours increases risk of certain cancers

Physical inactivity has been linked with increased risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, and according to a new study a sedentary lifestyle can also raise the chances of developing certain cancers. ....more »

Are you a smartphone addict?

Do you find it difficult to leave your smartphone even for a minute or have cravings to check it without any real purpose? Chances are you have become an addict and need professional help. ....more »

Instant oatmeal in breakfast manages hunger better

Love ready-to-eat oat cereal in breakfast but do not get that feeling of “fullness”? Switch to instant oatmeal. ....more »

New edible films to preserve bread for longer

Scientists have developed new edible films infused with essential oils from clove and oregano that could keep bread fresher for longer than commercial additives. ....more »

Spoof: Rules to enjoy Indian food (roll, lick, burp!)

We Indians love our food. And we really don’t give a damn to the western table etiquette when it comes to relishing our food. ....more »

Good Morning! 7 simple mantras for a perfect day

The alarm bell is ringing. It’s 6am in the morning. You wake up and grab a glass of water only to realise that you are already thinking of pending task with your thoughts moving to the tough boss, scheming colleagues, screaming kids, and demanding spouse. ....more »

Facebook snub can affect your self-esteem

Facebook users who do not get immediate feedback on the social networking site suffer from a lack of belonging, lower self-esteem and general despair, scientists say. ....more »

Poll couture: Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi making strong fashion statements

Amid the poll potpourri, the fashion quotient of political leaders like Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi has also caught the attention of people, particularly youth, say designers here. ....more »

Diabetes shrinks brain size and ages it by two years

Diabetes may cause the brain to shrink and age by up to two years every decade a person has the disease, a first-of-its kind study has warned. ....more »

Laughter can improve short-term memory

Laughing can improve short-term memory in older adults as humour reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and boosts mood, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, suggest. ....more »

Indian employers rank stress as No 1 lifestyle risk factor: Survey

Indian employers are ahead of their Asia Pacific counterparts in developing strategies to manage work-related stress as one in every three employers instituted stress management programmes last year and an almost equal number plan to do so this year, says a survey. ....more »