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Indian-American Scientist Arun Majumdar Named U.S. Science Envoy

Dr. Arun Majumdar, an Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay alumni is among four eminent scientists chosen to serve as U.S. Science Envoys beginning in January, 2015. ....more »

U.S. Senate Committee Confirms Indian-American As Federal Judge

A key Congressional committee has confirmed the nomination of an Indian-American counsel to the key post of U.S. District Court judge for Washington, DC. ....more »

Barack Obama Names Richard Verma As The New U.S Envoy To India

The nomination of Richard Rahul Verma as the U.S Ambassador to India is a “crowning moment” for Indian-Americans, members of whose have been appointed in record numbers by President Barack Obama, according to eminent leaders from the community. ....more »

Indian-Americans Launch Campaign for Diwali Postage Stamp

Indian-American community in the U.S. has launched a campaign demanding a postage stamp on Diwali festival by 2015, saying it is the only major festival on which U.S. Postal Service has not issued a stamp. ....more »

'Richard Verma Most Qualified To Be U.S. Ambassador To India'

The nomination of Richard Rahul Verma as next U.S. ambassador to India could be the catalyst to transform the Indo—US ties as he is the “most capable and qualified candidate” to head America’s diplomatic mission in New Delhi, former Obama administration officials have said. ....more »

Five Indian-Americans In Forbes List Of U.S. Richest

Five Indian-Americans, including Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla and founder of IT major Syntel, Bharat Desai, have been named among the richest people in the U.S. by Forbes, a list of 400 billionaires topped by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. ....more »

Indian American Doctors Look For Healthcare Solutions For India

Indian American physicians plan to hold a Global Healthcare Summit in Mumbai from Jan 2-4 to discuss ways to bring the most innovative, efficient and cost effective healthcare solutions for India. ....more »

Indian-American Named To Key Post In U.S. Island Territory

Indian-American lawyer Reena Patel has been named civil division chief in the attorney general's office in the Northern Mariana Islands, one of the five inhabited U.S. island territories. ....more »

2 Indian Americans Won The Most Prestigious Award In Mathematics

There is no denying the fact that Indians in the U.S. have diversified into various disciplines and that is now showing their dominance in terms of awards. ....more »

Indian American Student to Sue New York City

A 19-year-old Indian American student is set to sue the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York City for the physical injuries and trauma she suffered while riding a subway train which jumped tracks. ....more »

U.S. President Barack Obama Nominates Indian-American As District Court Judge

U.S. President Barack Obama has nominated yet another Indian-American counsel, Amit Privardhan Mehta, to the key post of US District Court judge for Washington DC. ....more »

Indian-American Appointed To Top Health Post

Indian-American Sampat Shivangi has been appointed as the Chairman of the Mississippi Board of Mental Health, making him the first Asian to occupy the top health post in the southern American state. ....more »

U.S. Can Play Key Role To Help India Address Challenges: Biswal

Ahead of visits by top American diplomats to bolster economic and strategic ties with the new Indian government, the U.S. has said it can play a key role to help India address challenges in priority areas such as defence, infrastructure and foreign investment. ....more »

Indian-American Boy to Play Mowgli in Disney's 'Jungle Book'

Disney has found its Mowgli in 10-year-old Indian-American Neel Sethi for its live-action adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale about a boy who is raised by animals in The Jungle Book. ....more »

Indian-American Appointed Interim President Of U.S. University

Indian-American Nagi Naganathan, an alumnus of the National Institute of Technology at Tiruchirappalli, has been appointed interim president of the University of Toledo. ....more »

First-Ever Indian-American To Become Dean Of Top U.S. Law School

Indian-origin techies are not the only crowd pullers who have made it big abroad. But scholars with caliber have also scaled the heights in the world of academics. And the latest entrant to the illustrious list of Indians who are making their presence felt globally is Sujit Choudhry—a highly regarded constitutional scholar. He is set to take the reins as a Dean of the University of California, Berkeley, reports TNN. ....more »

India-Born Scientist Sanjaya Rajaram Named Winner Of 2014 World Food Prize

India-born plant scientist Sanjaya Rajaram has been named the winner of the USD 250,000 World Food Prize for his contribution in increasing global wheat production by more than 200 million tonnes in the years following the Green Revolution. ....more »

10-Year-Old Indian Prodigy Graduates U.S. High School

A home-schooled 10-year-old Indian-origin genius has surprised one and all by becoming one of the youngest ever in the U.S. to graduate high school. ....more »

Narendra Modi Government Offers Wonderful Opportunity to Reset Indo-U.S. Ties, Says U.S. Senator Mark Warner

The new Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi provides a wonderful opportunity to reset Indo-U.S. relationship, a top American Senator said. ....more »

Time To Reset India-U.S. Ties: Indian-Americans

With BJP leader Narendra Modi all set to become the Prime Minister, Indian-Americans feel that "policy paralysis" would be a thing of the past and they want India and the U.S. to reset their strategic relationship. ....more »

U.S. Senate Confirms Indian-American Manish Shah As Federal Judge In Illinois

Indian-American Manish Shah has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as a federal judge in Illinois, becoming the first South Asian federal judge in the 5th most populous state of America. ....more »

Three Indian-Americans Join U.S. Congressional Race

Three Indian-Americans, including a Vietnam war veteran, are among the latest Democratic candidates to join the U.S. Congressional race, elections for which will be held in November. ....more »

India, U.S. Working To Ensure No Disruption To Peace In E.Asia

India and the U.S. would intensify their co-operation to ensure that there is no disruption to the peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region "without isolating or putting down" any one, an American official said. ....more »

Indian-American Is Presidential Ambassador For Global Entrepreneurship

An Indian-origin of the famous Khan Academy, Salman Khan, has been appointed as one among the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship, the White House has said. ....more »

Kashkari Hopes To Emulate Bush In California Governor's Race

Indian-American Neel Kashkari is seeking to emulate his one time boss, former Republican President George Bush, as he mounts a long shot bid to challenge California's Democratic governor Jerry Brown. ....more »

India-Born Rajat Gupta Should Pay $13.9m Penalty: U.S. Regulator

U.S. regulator SEC has asked an appeals court to affirm a district court's decision that India-born former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta pay a $13.9 million penalty and be banned for life from serving as director of a public corporation. ....more »

Indian-American Boy Wins Epic Spelling Bee Battle

After a two-week 90-round gruelling battle, a 13-year-old Indian American student Kush Sharma finally broke a tie in a local county contest to go to the National Spelling Bee competition. ....more »

Vivek Murthy Poised To Become 'America's Doctor'

President Barack Obama's pick for Surgeon General, Indian American Vivek Murthy, is one step closer to becoming “America's doctor”, with a Senate panel approving his nomination despite opposition from the powerful gun lobby. ....more »

Meet The Indian Billionaires Who Topped America's Rich List

The number of Indians present in the billionaire’s guild across the globe is increasing at a brisk pace and Indians settled in U.S. are not far behind when it comes to being in the limelight. ....more »

Indian-American Wins U.S. Great Teaching Award

India-born Meera Chandrasekhar, professor of physics and astronomy and Curator's Teaching Professor of Physics at the University of Missouri, has won Baylor University's 2014 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching. ....more »