US Indian Doctor Surendra Varma Appointed to key U.S. Medical Board

A prominent Indian-American doctor has been appointed to a key body of medical professionals in Texas. ....more »

Meeting of the Council of Hindu Temples of North America (CHTNA)

Sri Siva Vishnu Temple (SSVT) located in Lanham, MD hosted the annual meeting of the Council of Hindu Temples of North America (CHTNA) on Saturday April 21st 2012 ....more »

Alkesh Patel: One Eye On The Big Picture, The Other On Small Details

Alkesh Patel
In 1989, a young college student named Alkesh Patel started volunteering in Portland, Oregon with the local chapter of a brand new nationwide organization called the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA). His goal was to help immigrants such as himself better understand the opportunities offered by America’s world of work. ....more »


Now C.K. Patel has been named 2011 “Person of the Year” by the daily franchise news site for his many innovative initiatives on behalf of hotel franchisees. ....more »

The Divine Soul Sounds of Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon

Chandrika Krishnamurthy TandonChandrika Krishnamurthy TandonChandrika Krishnamurthy TandonChandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon is a classical singer and an alumna of Madras Christian College in India. Chandrika sings in Sanskrit, English, and French. In 2011, her work “Om Namo Narayanaya: Soul Call”, which features Sanskrit chants, was nominated for a Grammy Award in the 'Best Contemporary World Music Album' category. Today she has over 67,000 worldwide listeners on Facebook. Her recent tours have included the Wellness Initiative in Boulder, CO, Global Peace Initiative in Fairfield, IO, the World Culture Festival Olympiastadion in Berlin and the Indian Institute of Management. ....more »

AAHOA At A Glance: The Dream Continues, The Torch Passes

Hemant Patel
The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) is one of the most powerful and most respected voices in the hospitality industry – and since the group’s Annual Convention last June in Las Vegas, it has continued its ambitious agenda under the chairmanship of Hemant Patel. ....more »